The self driving car platform (GTAR)

We are using the Traxxas Slash 4x4 and Jetson TX1 (which provides 1 TeraFLOPs peak performance) to build the self driving car platform.
First we remove the body and the radio controller from the car and added 4 narrow bolts to hold to plastic platforms.
We are going to use two piece of plastic sheets like below. Both has a few holes.

Here is how it looks after adding the lower platform.

Now we detach the Jetson TX1 bottom plastic base and remove the plastic legs.

Attach the Jetson TX1 plastic base to the lower platform. The onboard camera is facing front.

Add the Jetson TX1 board and the power supply to the platform


And add the upper platform and the sonar sensor in the front.

I have not received the camera yet. The camera will be placed on the upper platform and the GPS, gyroscope and compass will also be placed on the top platform.

The lower platform needs some cut to free the front and rear wheels. Other than that its complete and we are ready to add the remaining electronics and start coding.

Finally the sensor detecting obstacle in front of it:


  1. First of all, this concept is really good, but i think its a little bit expensive to work in car platform/4W platform.

    1. Right- its a bit costly. But we can see it in other way - its way less costly than building a real car. I have most expensive hardware already covered. Now software will be real challenge.

  2. This post contain good information.Thanks for here right now


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